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Each qualified transmission technician at LeGrand Transmissions understands that a transmission problem can confuse most people. Fortunately, you can now ask a transmission technician online about any transmission problem or repair question you have and a member of our shop will try to answer it. Also use this page for FREE online advice and tips about transmission repair. Consider the LeGrand Transmissions website your automotive transmission online help resource. We will do our best to answer your question right away. 

How often does my transmission need to be serviced?

It varies from one make to another, but generally, the filter and fluid must be replaced at approximately 30,000 mile intervals or at least once per year. Always check your vehicle manufacturer information to determine what's best for your vehicle.

Someone told me they can “flush” the filter clean without removing the pan, is that possible?

No. Only about 5% of all transmissions have an actual screen which may be possible to “Flush” clean- all others are element-type filters and, just like your engine filter must be replaced at regular intervals.

I’ve heard you don’t give estimates over the phone, Why Not?

Let’s take an example- Your vehicle just revs up when it should be pulling in 3rd gear. Chances are you are convinced your transmission is slipping so you might call several transmission shops who give you prices, sight unseen, there’s a 90% chance they’re going to rebuild your transmission whether you truly need it or not. But, instead you decide to have us check it out for you first, which costs you nothing. Upon our examination, we find it’s a faulty sensor causing the transmission to think it's in neutral instead of third gear. In this case the repair would be a fraction of the cost of a transmission rebuild. 

We would rather you know exactly what your looking at upfront instead of trying to give you the cheapest price over the phone just to get you here.  If your vehicle is not driveable, we'll even have it towed in for you, plus we'll pay for the towing if you have us do the repair.

How do I know if my transmission needs repaired?

Your car may not shift correctly, either at the correct speed or with the wrong feel. If you notice your car seems to take longer to get to speed OR if the engine is racing as you drive you may need transmission repair. Also, any type of transmission fluid leak should prompt immediate attention.

Does my transmission need additional cooling?

A quick inspection of your vehicle and how it is used would give us enough information to tell you exactly what you need. We look for several things but sometimes the fluid becoming discolored prematurely is the first indicator additional cooling is needed. Any type of towing is another indicator.